Clearing Sale – Doubleday, Griffith

Spencer & Bennett Griffith are excited to offer you a rare opportunity to purchase 30 plus years of collecting Holden cars and parts Ray and Robert have decided to sell their collection and will offer it onsite & interfaced through AuctionsPlus Saturday 16 March 2024

Cars and some parts to be interfaced on AuctionsPlus and all other parts to be auctioned off on pallets or singly.

HQ to HB Parts

3 x HQ HZ V8 diff 2.78; front doors –
4 x right; front doors 4 x left; rear sedan
2 x right; rear sedan 2 x left; 5 x HQ bonnets; 9 x HJ & WB bonnets; 4 x HQ single headlight nose cones; 3 HQ twin headlight nose cones; 4 x HJ HZ single nose cones; 4 x HJ HZ twin headlight nose cones; 1 x WB town & country nose cone; 2 x HQ single radiator support; 8 x HQ twin radiator support;
3 x HJ HZ single radiator support; 7 x HQ left hand guards; 5 x HQ right hand guards;
1 x pair original GTS guards with inner guards; 1 x pair weld in GTS guards; 2 x HJ HZ left hand guards; 2 x HJ HZ right hand guards; 1 x pair WB inner guards (white);
1 x radiator support WB (not sure if Ute or Statesman); 2 x WB front bumpers with irons (Ute); 2 x WB front bumper brackets;
1 x WB left hand Statesman door card; 1 x WB right hand Statesman door card; 1 x WB Statesman console; 4 x WB town & country radiator grills; 1 x box with WB miscellaneous parts; 5 x WB top radiator cowls; WB Ute carpet; 1 x HQ HZ front bumper (Ute); 5 x HJ HZ front bumpers;
8 x HQ front bumpers; 1 x HJ HZ rear bumper; 2 x HQ rear bumpers sedans with lights; 4 x HQ front bumper brackets; 3 x HJ HZ front bumper brackets; 5 x left hand inner guards; 6 x right hand inner guards;
1 x pair of HJ HZ front bucket seats;
1 x complete HQ single headlight front end (blue); 1 x 3 speed gearbox (water damaged); 3 x Holden red V8 fork-type bell housings; 2 x Holden red/blue cable type;
1 x Holden red/blue cable type (delta brand); 8 x GTS rims; 1 x new reproduction tailgate HQ WB Panel Van/Ute; 5 x HQ WB tailshafts; 1 x HQ hubcap; 1 x HQ door card; 4 x HQ HZ metal door trim tops left and right hand;
1 x full set of HQ sedan door glass; 1 x pair red motor V8 tapper covers; 2 x wiper motors; 1 x horn; 2 x HQ HZ hand brakes;
3 x sets of scuff plates (HQ HZ); various HQ stainless moulds; 1 x Premier rear boot trim mould (HJ HZ), 1 x HQ sedan roof lining retainer (front); 1 x V8 trimatic four speed crossmember; 1 x V8 Chev turbo 400 inspection cover; 2 x V8 dizzys; 1 x pair red motor V8 heads 1 x V8 4 barrel intake manifold with Holley carb; 1 x V8 2 barrel intake manifold (thermostat housing broken); 1 x auto shifter; 1 x 3 core radiator; 16 x push rods V8; 1 x trimatic 4 speed V8 inspection cover; 1 x HQ HZ fuel tank (usable); 1 x HQ HZ fuel tank parts; 1 x V8 trimatic gearbox; 1 x tow bar; 1 x 6 cylinder rat trap; 1 x V8 rat trap; 1 x spare V8 air cleaner lid; 4 x automatic dipsticks and tubes (2 damaged); 1 x flex plate; 1 x bullbar; 1 x HQ HZ battery tray; 4 x Dragway hubcaps; 1 x aftermarket under dash aircon head; 1 x single V8 exhaust system;
1 x power steering pump; 1 x set of Ute siderails; 1 x box miscellaneous heater aircon parts; 1 x auto brake pedal HQ WB;
1 x HQ HJ accelerator pedal; 1 x pair HQ sedan side sill mouldings; 1 x HQ chassis front end wishbone springs etc; 1 x HQ steering shaft 3 speed housing parts;
6 x HQ HZ steering columns; 2 x front window regulators HQ HZ; 4 x complete sets HQ HZ bonnet hinges; 2 x bonnet hinge springs;  3 x top door hinges HQ WB; 4 x bottom door hinges HQ WB; 10 x headlight buckets (some with stainless rings); 4 x 7 inch headlight buckets (some with stainless rings), 3 x sets of HQ Statesman/Premier headlight surrounds; 2 x interior light housings; 3 x Panel Van/Ute taillight lenses; 3 x Panel Van/Ute taillight trims; 5 x HQ WB wiper grills; 1 x set of wiper grill extensions (short); 1 x set of wiper grill extensions (long); 9 x HQ WB wiper arms; 2 x HJ HZ dash bracket bottoms (1 broken); 4 x miscellaneous Holden bolts & screws;
1 x HQ A-pillar trim; 1 x HJ set A-pillar trim,
1 x box of misc Holden seatbelts, 1 x HQ dash frame; 11 x Panel van/Ute/Coupe
B-pillar vents (mostly incomplete), 3 x aircon pieces front spoiler HJHZ or Torana;
4 x upper bonnet latches; 2 x lower bonnet latches; 1 x HX temperature/fuel gauge;
1 x HZ fuel/temperature gauge; 4 x pieces window tracks HQ WB; 1 x white box of HJ HZ front indicator housings; 3 x HJ grills;
1 x Premier HJ grill; 2 x HX grills; 2 x HQ
1 tonne grills; 4 x HQ Statesman grills; 1 x HZ Speedo (broken); 1 x HZ dash warning light cluster; 1 x HQ HZ fuse box covers; 2 x HQ HZ indicator switches; 2 x HQ HZ ignition switches; 1 x barrel and key; 3 x HZ coffee pots; 2 x HJ HZ lower steering column cowls; 1 x HJ console (full length); 1 x HZ console (full length); 2 x half HQ consoles (short length); 1 x HQ console ashtray; 2 x sets HQ long armrests; 6 x front HQ short armrests; 1 x drag link (new); 2 x Bailey channel rubbers HQ WB (new); 2 x front door seals HQ WB (new); 1 x door belt HQ WB (new);
4 x door latch mechanisms; 3 x outer door handles; 2 x left hand inner door handles;
2 x right hand inner door handles;
1 x window winder; 3 x right hand HQ mirrors; 1 x mirror bracket & arm; 1 x set HJ HZ GTS mirrors; 6 x interior mirrors; 1 x HQ glove box lid; 4 x complete HJ WB glove boxes; 2 x HJ HZ glove box lids; 2 x HJ HZ ashtrays; 1 x HJ HZ ashtray (broken);
1 x 2 way thermostat housing; 2 x crank pulleys; 3 x HX WB dash facer; 2 x HJ WB dash facer (GTS); 4 x HJ WB under dash panels; 3 x HQ under dash panels; 4 x HJ WB dash pads with 2 vents; 1 x HJ WB dash pad with 1 vent; 1 x HQ dash pad with two vents.


WB Ute V8 253 (Red); WB Ute 202 (White); WB Ute V8 304 on Gas (White); WB Ute 202 (White); HZ One Tonne V8 253 (Blue); HZ One Tonne 202 (White); HZ Panel Van (White); HZ Wagon 6Cyl (Blue); HX Ute 202 (Cream); HX Panel Van (White); HX Ute (White/Red – mostly rubbed back); HQ Panel Van (White); EH Wagon (Blue to Green); HJ 47 Landcruiser Ute; VX Commodore (White); VX Commodore (Green); VX Commodore (Bronze Red) Qld; VX Commodore (White) Qld; VR Commodore Wagon (Red); VN Commodore (Silver); VN Commodore (White); Rodeo Tray Back; Honda Concerto; Corolla 1999 (Blue) Qld.

HQ Coupe

1 x HQ Coupe roof frame; 1 x twin exhaust HQ Coupe; 1 x set of bucket seats HQ Coupe Premier ‘72 Model; 1 x rear seat HQ Sedan (not Coupe).

FB, FX, FJ Parts

2 x FB hubcaps; 1 x FX FJ bonnet; 1 x grill;
1 x FJ FX hubcap.

Torana Parts

1 x front bumper LC LJ; 1 x rear bumper

HD, HR, HK, HG Parts

3 x HD HR hubcaps; 1 x HK HG hubcap; 1 x HR HK petrol filler cap trim (new); 1 x HD HR box of door handles, windows and windows miscellaneous parts.

EJ and EH Parts

1 x EJ EH Panel Van rear side trim mould; 3 x EJ EH hubcaps; 2 x EJ EH glove box lids.


5 x Plastic wheel trims; 3 x old carburettors; 2 x Stromberg; 1 x Holly; 1 x Carter; 2 x dress rims (unknown); 2 x side trim moulds EH EJ (possibly Sedan); 5 x roof lining bows (unknown); 1 x 4-barrel carb adapter (unknown fit Holden or Ford); 1 x box of misc parts; Air horns; 2 x battery trays
(bits & pieces); 1 x set of headlight twin surrounds (unknown).

Ford Parts

1 x Fairlane hubcap; 1 x XP Falcon hubcap;
1 x Ford console; 1 x Ford glove box; 1 x Ford Cortina right hand guard; 1 x Ford extractor 6 cylinder.

Date of Clearing Sale

Onsite and Interfaced through AuctionsPlus: Onsite auction sale starts 9.00am and AuctionsPlus interfaced at 12.30pm, Saturday 16 March 2024

Inspection dates: Saturday 2 & 9 March – Strictly 9am till 12pm both days


Turn right off Murrumbidgee Avenue onto Gronn Road, continue for 200mts, Auction is being held on the left hand side.

Terms & Contact

Spencer & Bennett Trading Terms and Conditions apply, 2% Buyers Premium.

Ray Doubleday – 0428 676 207

Spencer & Bennett – Yenda Prods Griffith
02 6966 8902
Grant Elwin – 0408 012 114


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