Privacy Policy

Introduction of Policy: The Yenda Group, consisting of Yenda Producers Co – operative Society Ltd (YPC), Spencer and Bennett – Yenda Prods Pty Ltd (S&B) and Yenda Prods – Irrigation T/A Riverina Water Engineering (RWE) collects private information to allow it to provide goods and services to its customers and members, herein referred to as “stakeholders”. The Yenda Group’s Privacy Policy ensures that the manner in which it handles private information is within the guidelines of the Australian Privacy Principals (APP’s) and the Privacy Act 1988.

Purpose and Scope of Policy: This policy is to provide all stakeholders of the Yenda Group an understanding of how information is collected, stored, distributed and protected by the Yenda Group. The policy is applicable to all stakeholders and must be adhered to by all Yenda Group employees, contractors, agents and representatives that have access, whether intentional or not, to private information.

Commencement of Policy: This Policy will commence from 1/08/2015. It replaces all other Privacy policies of the Yenda Group (whether written or not).

Application of Policy: This policy applies to all Yenda Group stakeholders that have their private information collected. This policy will be updated on a timely basis to ensure that all legal requirements are met, changes to any relevant Act are adopted and that best practice is employed to protect private information.

What kind of private information is collected by the Yenda Group? The Yenda Group does not collect private information in and above what is required to operate The Yenda Group collects the following private information from stakeholders:
• Name(s);
• Addresses, Postal and Residential;
• Contact details;
• Trading Structure;
• Tax File Number (required for YPC membership if applicant is an individual); and
• Primary production assets, including farm maps, historical data and associated assets relating to the primary production enterprise (e.g. water entitlements).

How does the Yenda Group collect and hold private information? The Yenda Group collects private information directly from the stakeholder and not through a third party. The information is collected when either the Credit Account Application from the respective Yenda Group Company and/or the YPC membership form is completed. On a periodic basis, the Yenda Group also contacts the stakeholder and requests that a form be completed by the stakeholder to update their contact details or confirm their current details. This can be performed by electronic form (e.g email) or by requesting the stakeholder to complete a handwritten form. Private information is also collected by the Yenda Group agronomists and horticulturalists (herein referred to agronomists) to enable the agronomists to provide the stakeholder specialised advice. This information is held within the agronomic software and stored on a secured electronic cloud server.

Private information is held within each branch of the Yenda Group in both a soft (computer) and hard (printed) copy.
Information is secured on site and on the Yenda Group server(s). Private information is only taken off site via the daily Yenda Group server backup which is also secured. Extra care is  taken to ensure that third party agronomic software providers stores any private data in a safe and secure place. Private information that is collected by mistake and is not required for the purpose of carrying on the Yenda Group  business will be destroyed as soon as it is identified as information that is deemed to be sourced incorrectly. If the Yenda Group does receive unsolicited private information that is deemed to be necessary for the purpose of carrying onthe business, the Yenda Group will contact the stakeholder and seek the consent of the stakeholder to retain the information.

Why does the Yenda Group collect private information? Private information is collected by the Yenda Group to ensure:

• Sales accounts and membership accounts are created correctly;
• A a legal tax deduction can be claimed by the stakeholder;
• Membership and the financial benefits are held by the correct stakeholder;
• Information pertaining to the points above are received by the correct stakeholder; and
• The most accurate agronomic advice can be provided to the Yenda Group stakeholders.

How can you access your private information? Private information can be accessed by contacting any of the Yenda Group branches (Yenda, Leeton or Griffith) or a representative from S&B or RWE. A copy of Annexure “A” will need to be completed and submitted to the respective business. This will confirm who is requesting the information and for what purpose. This form also allows for the release of information to a third party (e.g. accountant), following a request by the stakeholder.

On certain occasions, the Yenda Group employee may need to identify the person requesting the information. This is usually done by asking the stakeholder to confirming their identity by providing a copy of the stakeholder’s license or going into one of the Yenda Group branches in person. By taking this extra step, the Yenda Group is ensuring that the information provided is going to the correct person and that private information is not accessed incorrectly or fraudulently.

Contact details for each branch and company are listed below:

Branch / Company Telephone Fax
Yenda (02) 6961 3300 (02) 6968 1480
Leeton (02) 6953 9000 (02) 6953 4871
Griffith (02) 6966 8900 (02) 6964 0236
Spencer & Bennett – Yenda Prods (02) 6966 8901 (02) 6964 0237
Riverina Water Engineering (02) 6966 8951 (02) 6964 9266

How you may lodge a complaint if you are not satisfied with the service: The Yenda Group will do its best to provide its stakeholders with a high quality service. However, should you not be satisfied with the service, you can contact the Yenda Group Managing Director.

Will the Yenda Group disclose the information within Australia? The Yenda Group will not release information to any party, aside from the party in which the information applies to, without the express consent of the party. On occasions, the Yenda Group may be required to provide private information due to a legal requirement or to a government agency. If the Yenda Group is required to provide information to a third party, it will make every effort to contact the individual prior to providing the private information. However, we cannot guarantee this in every situation. The Yenda Group will disclose private information between the companies within the Group. Please be reminded that this policy and adherence to this policy is applicable to all employees, contractors, agents and representatives.

Will the Yenda Group disclose information to overseas recipients and if so, who? The Yenda Group, as it currently stands, does not and nor does it intend on disclosing private information to an overseas recipient. The Yenda Group will make every effort to contact the stakeholders in the event that this changes.(Annexure A).


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